Automation Specialist Services

Automation Specialist Services is determined to take the drama out of the custom machine design business.

We have assembled a team of trusted industry veterans, all of whom have been designing and building machines for decades.  Our low overhead approach strips the machine design and build process to the core elements with an agile and sharp team, involved ownership, dedicated project management, and sophisticated planning and management tools.

  • We are lean and extremely cost competitive
  • We build equipment on time
  • We build equipment that makes rate
  • We communicate clearly, regularly and early


Our management and control systems take the best practices we have learned (and in part developed) over the years when working on an international scale in a variety of industries.  Elements such as:

  • Automation Specialist Services has dedicated project management.
  • We provide weekly written project reports, which feature design/build status by station and maintain a running action item list and decision history.
  • We have developed a custom ERP system that pro-actively manages BOM development and the procurement cycle.
  • Our team has built systems for the medical device, tier one automotive, defense, alternate energy and many other industries. We have developed our systems with an eye to simplify compliance with GAMP/ISO9001 and other industry standards.

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Learn more about how we do business, or contact us for a free system concept today.


2 thoughts on “Automation Specialist Services

  1. Hello There,

    Allow me to show my gratitude ASHA24 bloggers. You guys are like unicorns. Never seen but always spreading magic. Your content is yummy. So satisfied.

    I am able to resolve this issue with ( 2 excel files) one excel (with header) and with another excel( without header). see below steps –>
    step 1) define any 3 local variable like I = 1, j = 0, k = NULL
    stpe 2) excel command – Open Excel ( Contains header – Yes, you can make it as No in your machine )
    step 3) excel : Go to Cell A1
    step 4) now here we need perform loop operation for count number like 1000 because we may not know how many columns in the provided excel sheet ( I have kept it as – 50 for me because I know there are only 10 columns in my excel sheet)
    But great job man, do keep posted with the new updates.



  2. Irene Hynes


    You make learning and reading addictive. All eyes fixed on you. Thank you being such a good and trust worthy guide.

    I have a Word template from which I have to update a date and a name.

    With object cloning I manage to set the date (because has always the same length and I can send hotkeys) but with the name… Is there any way I can read the text in the word (even if it contains images) and store it in a variable so I can do a replace and write it again there? (keeping the format of the document) Or some other way to do it? Automation anywhere tutorial
    I read multiple articles and watched many videos about how to use this tool – and was still confused! Your instructions were easy to understand and made the process simple.

    Merci Beaucoup,
    Irene Hynes


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