Turn-Key Custom Machinery

We use our decades of experience to build innovative, reliable, and cost-effective custom machinery

  • Assembly, testing, manufacturing, secondary operations, and handling systems.
  • Design and build, “build to print” replications, rebuild or tool testing
  • Automotive, consumer electronic, medical, defense, and other industries
  • Dedicated project management with weekly written reports
  • Core team of 30+ year industry veterans
  • Innovative, reliable, and cost-effective custom machinery

Machine Chassis

In our decades in the industry we have designed almost every style of machine chassis. We will use the configuration best suited to your requirements

Lean Cell / Manual Work Cell

Combines the low capital requirements of manual assembly with the process control of automation. Ensures failed product is safely isolated


The most common method of fully automating assembly and inspections systems. Causes very little lost time during index

Precision Link

Achieves high precision and quick indexes. Arranges stations in a linear pattern and is often used when there are too many stations for a standard dial configuration

Power & Free Conveyor

Used for integrated operating systems with automated systems. Allows processes that take longer than the system’s cycle rate to be completed without affecting other stations

Line Shaft / Synchronous Cam

Achieves high throughputs when maintaining smaller parts. All motions are driven from a single input: a traditional line shaft or encoder synchronized servos

Robotic Work Cell

Carries out particular tasks in the manufacturing line. This allows for faster completion of tasks with less manual interference.


High Quality

We uphold high standards for our clients and ourselves, promising your company high-quality products that give you a competitive edge.

Extremely Experienced

Experience determines the success of projects. We have decades of industry experience, cutting-edge designs, and we understand what it takes to succeed.

Competitive & Honest

Our clients are our top priority: we’re committed to maintaining a schedule, regular project reporting, and competitive pricing. We know you want quality products at a reasonable price.

Responsive & Adaptable

We work closely with our clients to define their needs, making quick changes as projects evolve. We will adapt and change alongside your needs.

Continuous Growth

We continuously strive to find new innovative ways to serve you. Our clients stand out when we deliver a quality machine made with the newest technology.

Constant Communication

We believe in the power of communication. We maintain continuity with a single point of contact from the sales phase through system delivery. We provide weekly written project reports.

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