What sets us apart is our experience.  We have been building multi-million dollar systems together for decades.


  • Our key team members have been building custom machinery for 20-40 years
  • We build systems in the automotive, medical device, alternate energy and high-tech industries
  • Experience is the ultimate risk-reduction for our customers.  We can anticipate problems, provide early focus on those issues and provide elegant solutions


  • We have invested in tools to automate the routine elements of the procurement cycle, nearly all of our staff directly add value to your project
  • a 95% on time delivery metric means that we get more work out of our available floorspace, helping to keep our overhead low
  • Lean does not mean cheap.  We have the experience to know what components and suppliers can be counted on for years of reliable service.  Cutting corners on materials and components is a false economy.


  • We are a flat organization.   Because management is deeply involved in the design, build and debug of your system, informed decisions can be made quickly
  • Prototyping and early testing is a major focus, allowing us to discover problems early and craft decisive solutions
  • We maintain excellent communication through all phases.  Written project reports, which double as action items lists and project history, are sent every week regardless of project phase.  We offer dedicated project management with a single point of contact.

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