About US

What sets us apart is our experience.  We have been building multi-million dollar systems together for years, even decades.

Mark Pfeiffer: Owner

  • 38 years of custom automation machinery design and development
  • Former co-owner of Cox Automation, grew company from a money losing 8 million to a profitable 27 million in sales.
  • 14 years with Cox Automation/ixmation Cox Systems/ixmation North America as V.P. of Manufacturing and Assembly Operations (retained after sale).
  • 17 years with Midwest Automation Systems as Assembly Operations Manager.
  • 5 years earning Tool and Die Maker Journeyman status (Tool and Die Institute)

Steve Hagan: VP of Sales/Project Manager

  • 27 years of custom automation machinery design and development
  • 12 years of application engineering providing machinery to Fortune 100 companies in the high tech, automotive, medical, solar and consumer products industries
  • 17 years of project management experience
    • Automotive
    • Medical
    • High Tech/Startup

Lead Programmer: 33 years machine design and troubleshooting experience

Lead ME: 30 years machine design experience

Robotics Programmer: 8 years of robot programming/troubleshooting experience

Machinist/Lead Builder: 20 years of machine build/machinist experience


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